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Discussion on: The ultimate Cheat sheets compilation (200+) - 🔥🎁 / Roadmap to dev 🚀

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DevLorenzo Author

Sure for the overwhelming part of things, it's proper to the internet and more precisely to the programming world. But I think it's pretty well organized in section, do you have any advice to improve the organization of the article? Maybe improving the table of content?

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Dominik Gorczyca

Well, I think there is a lot of unnecessary things that could probably be written shorter. Like there shouldn't be each link with it's own image because it's not super readable, you could like make all links images or don't do any images, I also don't get why are those " - ", they are only bringing confusion in my opinion. I don't know why you have like two links like for ultimate HTML Tags, it's not pretty and there's a lot of repeatability, like you don't probably have to make a title "HTML tags" if there's a huge "HTML tags cheat sheet" article below.
There are some good things for sure but the clutter is not necessary. Cheers.