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Discussion on: How did you decide on what you wanted to do?

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I don't know what I want to do in life. I've just been kind of winging it. One day, my Mom made a joke with an HTML page. I didn't really care about the joke, I was curious as to how she did that. She showed me, then told me there was a book about it on the shelf.

I took it upon my own initiative, took the book, and learned about HTML and CSS. Once I finished the book ... I went online and started research and learning. My first year was dedicated to web application design, with custom HTML & CSS, no libraries or frameworks.

The second year I dedicated to refining my design skills, along with learning databases, OOP, back-end stuff(PHP), JavaScript and tons of libraries and frameworks.

The third year I refined my designing skills for both front-end and back-end, heading back into custom code rather than relying upon heavy amounts of libraries. I dedicated it to web application security, protecting data etc.

And now I've gotten into the offensive side, trying to break my web apps, and make them more robust with better security and performance.

I reinvent the wheel, and I love it.

Ultimately I've just been going with the flow, picking up things as I go along. And it's quite fun. I learn a lot, and my math skills have greatly improved because of programming.

Perhaps you shouldn't worry about what to do ... and just pick up thigs as you go along? That's up to you. If you go deeper- well, you go deeper. Who knows what you'll find along the way?

I'm bossy, I like telling computers what to do, and what they shouldn't/can't do.

And as a note, I'm a writer of tales, a farmer, learning to cook, and I also knit(I stopped for a long while, but I hope to get back into it). They're many things I wanna do in my life. And I'm not gonna let anything stop me from achieving my goals. Also, I have no idea what all I want to do. But those're just the things I've found so far.


I just do whatever, go with the flow, have fun where things take me and learn a lot.

This was about me. Now, stop reading my self-centered biased stuff(let's be honest, it was) and go do something that you find awesome.

(hopefully this helped XD)