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Importance of Code Review

Mina Arroyo
I'm just a woman who loves to code.
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In my current work, some of the practices their implementation is new for me. I don't know but my past work environment didn't implement these practices or maybe they are way behind with the new techniques in software development. So as a new developer in the hood, I need to cope up and understand the newness to provide a good quality of code.

So what is that?

So what is that?

Code Review

According to Aleks Pedchenko of Dzone, Code Review is a systematic examination of software source code, intended to find bugs and to estimate the code quality.

As the definition above, code review is an examination of the software source code. The source code which the developer created or modified. As I've learned the definition of it, my heart beats fast. Why? Because someone will read and criticize my code.

Somehow, after a deep breath and mind setting(you can do it!!! Because you don't a choice 🤭😂😅)

After my first code review, there are three things that I've realized.

  1. Self-improvement. Knowing new tacts in solving the problem is always a win. Even if you're a senior developer, it is really good to have a fresh approach or new logical technique in your codebase. These will boost your knowledge and experience.

  2. Error detection. It is very important to detect bug or logical errors during this period. This is a way to minimize your mistake. It also helps you to avoid debugging your code in the future that will consume your time and your team.

  3. Same implementation and design. This is the most important lesson that I've learned. Everybody should be on the same page. Coding is not just writing a piece of code that if it's running you can use it. There's always a pattern or design to follow. Consistent design and implementation will help the developer to maintain the software.

Let's wrap up things

Code review is not a scary thing. Feedback offers you to be a better developer. Accept all criticism and used it for your advance. Sharing your knowledge creates a happy workplace.

Happy Coding!


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