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Miguel Manjarres

My NPM package got a peak of 2.1k monthly downloads!

GitHub logo DevTony101 / vue-cli-plugin-clean

A plugin that helps you bootstrap your Vue application by doing some common configurations.


License npm npm

A plugin that helps you bootstrap your Vue application by performing some common configurations.


The primary goal of this plugin is to purge out all the files stored in the views/ and components/ folders that, by default, come shipped within a normal vue-cli project. It also rewrites the Home.vue and App.vue components to leave just the minimum necessary to function.

Some additional features are:

  • Support for base components: It is a good practice that you keep a handful of components that you are going to use across all your Vue application (like buttons, form fields, etc). These type of components are called Base Components and can be enabled to use globally in your project through global registering, a process that is automatically done by this plugin. In addition, this plugin creates a BaseIcon.vue file, a component that you can use to display SVG icons stored…
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