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Devtron Labs Pvt Ltd

Devtron: A business opportunity in developers’ needs

Prashant Ghildiyal
DevOps Engineer, Developer, open-source enthusiast and Co-founder, CEO at Devtron Labs.
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Devtron is one of the few Indian Companies that is providing advanced Open Source tools using Kubernetes.

One of our co-founder, Rajesh, talks about all things Kubernetes, DevOps, and Devtron in a chat with Srinath Srinivasan. Featured in Financial Express!

Read the full article here: Devtron: A business opportunity in developers’

Checkout Devtron's OSS here:

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Software Delivery Workflow For Kubernetes

Devtron is an open source software delivery workflow for kubernetes written in go
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💡 Why Devtron?

It is designed as a self-serve platform for operationalizing and maintaining applications (AppOps) on kubernetes in a developer friendly way

🎉 Features

Zero code software delivery workflow
  • Workflow which understands the domain of kubernetes, testing, CD, SecOps so that you dont have to write scripts
  • Reusable and composable components so that workflows are easy to contruct and reason through
Multi cloud deployment
  • Deploy to multiple kubernetes cluster
Easy dev-sec-ops integration
  • Multi level security policy at global, cluster, environment and application for efficient hierarchical policy management
  • Behavior driven security policy
  • Define policies and exception for kubernetes resources
  • Define policies for events for faster resolution
Application debugging dashboard
  • One place…

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