re: I created a website, but when do I have to notify users that I want your cookies? VIEW POST


I think you should be open to your users about the cookies, even if just started. Also, If you don't wish to use such pop-ups then there are other ways too. I saw that you are mainly concerned about Disqus and Google Analytics.

Your best option will be to replace them with privacy friendly alternatives like SimpleAnalytics, Fathom or Plausible for analytics and Utterances or HyvorTalk for comments.


Utterances would not be an option, as my audience aren't always programmers.

I am also looking for Firebase Auth / Firebase Admin, and Firebase Storage alternatives, BTW.

After all, it does always depend on costs and learning curve. Privacy is not free. You exchange privacy for free services.


Yeah but there are self-host solutions like Commento for comments, have a look. Your website will be free as long as you wish for it.

Self-hosting, with full control of the server, is, AFAIK, never free. You always have to pay for the hire.

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