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I have $1,000 for use for technical stuff provided by my company, what should I get?

I have around $1,000 that the company I work for provides for me to use for any technical development related things (conferences, books, software, videos, etc.). It's going to expire at the end of the month.

Any recommendations on resources that I can purchase?

I currently have a Pluralsight membership.

I work in JavaScript, .NET, WordPress, and DevOps.

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Antony Garand


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Try finding a nearby conference, tickets and hotel can get expensive pretty quickly but they are a great learning experience.

Perhaps a WordCamp or DevOps conference?

As you are working in DevOps, you could get a AWS/GCP/Azure budget. Learning those service can cost a bit of money when using many services, but it still is required for a good learning path.

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Aga Zaboklicka • Edited

Safari Books ;) this way you get all of the above and much, much, much much more ;)

Also use it up for a good conference around your interest ;)

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Joseph Mancuso

noise cancelling headphones

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Sasa Blagojevic

This might sound unconventional, but have you thought about h**kers and cocaine?

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Books, or eBooks. Load 'em up.

For JavaScript, I'd get ones that are ES6 (or later) centric. I'd also consider TypeScript, since... well... since I worked at Microsoft on IE10 and IE11 using TypeScript.

For .NET, I'd get "The Book of F#" by Fancher (really... it's the best F# book I've read, and I've read about a dozen of them).

For C#, Andrew Troelsen's latest book. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he's lives by me. But his books are top shelf.

WordPress or DevOps... I dunno.

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Bill Miller • Edited

If you're going for books, look into an O'Reilly Safari subscription. Lots and lots of books available.

They also have videos available now too.

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Jermaine Oppong • Edited

Perhaps start with this...Where in my skillset am I lacking?

Given the budget is time-sensitive I may consider workshops/bootcamps for an easy win, as conferences could feel passive sometimes from too much watching and not enough doing. There are enough tutorials on the internet and conference recordings for that 😉. At least with workshops you get the best of both.

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Massimo Artizzu


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Jess Lee (she/her)

I'd find my way to a conference!

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Mahdi Pourismaiel • Edited

Premium Medium membership so you can read more articles and listen to them if you don't feel like reading.
A Kindle is really fantastic. If you don't have one, consider buying it. You can read books easily on it and carry as many as you like.
Generally I recommend reading over going to a conference if you want to learn something since in my area conferences are not to learn, more for networking. But networking can go a long way. Attend some conferences in your area so to avoid hotel and travel expenses. You'd also have a lot of fun if you gather some friends and go to a conference out of town or out of the country. Going alone can be fun as well but I personally prefer travelling with others.
There are great courses around the web. Wes Bos specially has courses for a lot of things and it pays off to learn something that you don't need right away.

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Eduards Sizovs • Edited

✅ Go for DevTernity conference and attend both main day and a power workshop:

DevTernity is hitting the charts:

For 1000 USD you can go together with a colleague (someone who doesn't have 1000 USD). Contributes to good karma 📈

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Rui Figueiredo

I'd buy the cleancoders video collection:

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Joan Llenas Masó

We have a similar benefit in my company.
What we do (the team) is planning a two or three days conference trip somewhere outside of our country.
It's a lot of fun 🤘

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A Safari subscription.