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Wake up 7am, take the dogs out, take a shower, head into the office by 8am. From there its usually coffee, eat the breakfast bar I packed, review team pull requests then jump into my own story if i have one or grab one off of the kanban board. Lunch then usually more focus on my own stories if we don't have core discoveries or extended discoveries. (Or Retros)

At home the only time I really do anything work related is if I'm having trouble understanding a concept. As I've just moved to the frontend at my company there are concepts and libraries I don't always understand so I take time at home to make a project using that to better understand how it works and why its used.

If I'm not working it's usually side projects or games. I've been working on chat apps at home here and there to play with websockets from server to client and vice versa purely for localhost chatting. Sometimes I'll put time into that If I don't have work to do otherwise.

Surely eating fits into here somewhere.. its just kind of random sometimes

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