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Calculator Progress

Project Completed
If you want to see my work go HERE

There comes a time when tutorials don't cut it anymore and you have to practice to improve at fast pace so here it is, my first project, calculator.

Day 1

It was hard to finally start doing things without somebody telling me what to do but after some resistance I made an overall look without any javascript and it's not the worst.
I used grid, and viewport width and height to make it responsive. Some ideas from famous windows and android calculator and some basic calculator colors.

Day 2

I made whole design look nicer(at least in my eyes).
Done some ids and spend some time looking how to get each button easily in JS, after that I made numbers, changing sign, decimal, clear and equal work, not in 100% though.

Day 3

I made the calculator work a little bit better responsively, also noticed that making a calculator is more complicated than I thought and decided to spend some time making things more simple. Spend most of the time dilating on how should this web work so I won't have to spend so much time confused what to do, because of that the calculator didn't improve much.

Day 4

After some time I figured out how my calculator should work but when I got to square and root I couldn't figure out how to make it precise and accurate when you first root and then you make the number squared.

Day 5

Spend the whole day trying to make the root and square work! Somebody told me to use library Decimal.js and it's great! But before that I had to get my website on localhost and it took me a lot of time to get this right with http-server and then I had to try another hour to understand how I should use it in my calculator but finally it worked! Tomorrow I will try to make appropriate action when the value is too big and the rest of operators.

Day 6

Today was a very long day, I was trying hours and hours so every calculation would work fine, I also made other things work and spend the rest of the day repairing some bugs and there it is, finally, the hardest project in my life, just a calculator, I thought about giving some animation to it but I'm so exhausted I don't want to even think about it haha.

Calculator is not so easy to make after all, at least not the one you want to work perfectly, and I still have like half of buttons google calculator has.

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