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Speed Up Your Javascript With These Simple Methods

Because code needs to look for property every time for loop i...

Hitchweb! Browser Extension🧩, Talk to people on same website 🤩

It would be good if there was an option to just chat, not hav...

Javascript Animation 13

Very impressive!

How to have an awesome GitHub profile ?

Amazing article! I'm sure it will help anyone who's looking f...

How to not make PAC-MAN

Thanks for suggestions very much but I am not interested in m...

Module 6 - Next-Level JavaScript

That's my plan 😎 I tried to look a bit and after trying to up...

Module 6 - Next-Level JavaScript

Oh sorry, I didn't know link changes when the page is posted,...

How I became a professional self-taught developer in Germany while working a full time job

Lol I have a same experience with choosing a programming lang...

The ultimate Cheat sheets compilation (200+) - 🔥🎁 / Roadmap to dev 🚀

Well, I think there is a lot of unnecessary things that could...

The ultimate Cheat sheets compilation (200+) - 🔥🎁 / Roadmap to dev 🚀

Seems a bit overwhelming and also a bit of cluttered, but gre...

CSS Grid Cheat Sheet Illustrated in 2021🎖️

If this is not an unicorn then I don't know what is :D

What annoys you while coding?

Getting called while being focused on something.

Module 5 - Responsive Design

My pleasure :)

Module 5 - Responsive Design

Glad it helped haha

Use Google like a pro

It's awesome article but how do you exclude a phrase, it seem...

{FREE} Ultimate Resources for Front-End Development in 2021 + Giveaway⚡

Found a goldmine! Hey, can I ask you where do you get those ... Writing: Making a Series!

If only there was an option to place the series window only a...

Project 34 of 100 - React + Firebase Exercise Tracker v2 (Bonus: Filter text input with the npm bad-words package)

What's your experience with react, is it faster to make websi...

Amazing Currency Converter

haha what a coincidence because I already made it Here a bit ...

Day 3

Also try grid!

Module 2 - HTML and CSS basics

Glad you enjoyed it.

#Day 18 and 19: Web Dev Progress

Keep going!

Day 1

It's all about muscle memory and a bit of time.

Frontend Developer Career Path on Scrimba - Introduction

May DEV give you a lot of fun 😸

Top 10 CSS Effects 2020

Effects seems rad but the music is pretty distracting and som...

A regex cheatsheet for all those regex haters (and lovers) 👀

Regex101 also seems like a great and quick site to know if yo...


Thanks! Same for you, don't give up!

How to build a calculator—part 1

Thanks, gonna try to make the best calculator I can as my fir...

Welcome Thread - v103

Hi, I'm Dominik and I'm trying to become better at front end ...