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Dominik Gorczyca
Dominik Gorczyca

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Module 1 - Welcome to the career path

Just completed the first module and I'm excited and that's how it went:

  1. How to use Scrimba's interactive tutorials.
  2. Show you a big chunk of code and help you make big and satisfying changes. A great way to help overcoming fear that it's too hard
  3. Few challenges to make your own simple changes! They still have a satisfying effect and motivate you to learn more. And here's my first website after just changing few lines of code BeforeAfter
  4. A few advices get the most from this tutorial
  5. Introducing learning method HTML > CSS > Javascript > Project
  6. Introducing you to your teachers
  7. Inviting you to Discord and a Pro Member role that gives you access to special discord channels.

Despite being just introduction this course already hooked me to learn and it comes from a person who gets bored during most courses very fast 😅

Here's Navigation Post if you want to see more modules

Tell me what do you think about this post and feel free to give some advice!

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