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Module 8 - Making apps with Grid

Module 8 is completed and time to share my experience!

First Part is to remind how to use flexbox and its many properties, nearly everything was covered and it ended with making a simple flexbox card (which thanks to interactive code you can do fully yourself!).

Scrimba interactive Flexbox card

Second Part was about using flexbox and various APIs at once to solidify your skills. In this part you will see how 4 different websites are done and with every website you will have a challenge to make it better.
Scrimba Interactive Hex API note

Third Part, just as the first one was made by a great teacher, Kevin Powell. Finally we learn about Grid. This part covers most properties, gives great explanation to how even more complicated properties like auto-fill work and gives you an easy opportunity to play with them.

Forth Part, which is also the last one repeats the pattern of joining new layout tool with various APIs. You get another 5 websites built and you need to use both grid and your async skills to improve the website.
Scrimba Pokedex Website code

This module is nice to get started with Grid, refresh your API skills and you could even learn flexbox quite well if you didn't know how to use it before (I would still advise you to learn from Module 5 if you want to learn it solidly).

Despite many challenges, it's still not enough to really make it stick so further practice is essential. If you want to know even more about Grid check out Complete Guide to Grid on CSS-Tricks or very popular Dev Post and make a cool website!

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