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I love makefiles

diasbruno profile image Bruno Dias ・1 min read

Why aren't we using old stuff?
Is it just because it is...old?

make is great and we should use it more!

We are not going to talk in details about
make (there are a lot of good articles
to read already), but to encorage
its adoption to help make our lives easier.

Let me give you a scenario...

cd a_project
sudo make install
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Did we just build and installed on our system
a python project? Or it was a javascript one?
Maybe it was a C++ project that uses CMake...

This is make's execute tasks!

What are the benefits:

  • Now, we don't need to remember those long commands (make docker-run)
  • Anyone can build, install and run the project
  • You can use it to write an entire pipeline to generate changelogs, update versions, tagging, without knowing which tools it uses under the hood.

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