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Discussion on: Programming is Hard

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People nowadays constantly spew out the narrative that anyone can code and coding is easy, but the truth is it takes a truly fantastic mind to be a good programmer. Which is why it is such a demanding job and why so many people leave the profession or never enter it at all even if they have qualifications. I can tell you now that a Computer Science degree does not prepare you for the profession in the slightest...

I constantly have people asking me: 'How do I learn to code?' My answer is usually something along the lines of, 'You just start by doing it.'

When people ask me whether I think they should learn to code, I usually shrug and say, 'Do you really want to learn to code?' If they say yes, my response is usually, 'Then start programming.'

And finally, yes I know people are going to hate me for saying this, but saying programming is easy really undermines the accomplishment of all the wonderful pioneers of the industry that got us to where we are today. I just wanted to get that off my chest. No hate. (No, I don't think of myself as a good programmer, but I'm passionate and it's hard to match my drive and motivation.)

Good, now that that is out of the way. Fantastic article! Keep it up.

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Andrei Gatej

This comment made my day even better!

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Bhupesh Varshney 👾

True words 😎😃