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Personally, I don't understand the need to treat women or men differently based on what they want to do. People are different, regardless of gender and they should do whatever they want to. This post is talking more about your personality traits than anything that can be generalized to your gender and as such I'm not sure what take-away I should get from this, but I'm sick of labels, the IT-is-so-sexist thing (which, in EU at least, I have not noticed and I'm sure if you look hard enough, you find sexism anywhere, solution here is to grow a thicker skin) and so on.

I long for the days where we all stop being butthurt about things and just do whatever we want to.


No, solution is for sexist people to stop being sexist. If we keep ignoring sexism it will only get worse. It would be great if everyone had the chance to do what they wanted to do and that's the reason why we should make IT careers better for women who are interested in them. Something obviously isn't right if after so many years of contribution to the CS by women we have much less women in the IT sector.

One of the reasons I would personally like to see more women in IT is a form of different perspective in building software. A man and a woman can look at the same piece of software from different angle and some woman with a good eye for details can spot things which her male colleague overlooked or propose a different way to solve some problem.


It's a two way street tho'. The whole feminism movement which should aim for equality seems to think that the only sexist party is men, which isn't true, yet men are supposed swallow it down and deal with it, right?

There is no one feminist movement. There are various schools of feminism; liberal feminism, Marxist / socialist feminism, anarchofeminism, conservative feminism... The only thing which connects them is the belief that men and women should have equal rights. Two feminists can have completely different views on various topics.

If you aren't sexist you don't have to worry. If a person tells you that you're sexist by default just because you're a man, that person isn't a feminist. Simple as that.

I'm just confused as hell by all of this. I just want to make cool stuff and I really couldn't care what gender, color or religious beliefs the person has that I'm making the cool stuff with. I do agree with you tho'.

It's nice that you don't care about it, I don't care either. But it's true that there are jerks out there who do and who should be confronted for it.

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