A Database in the ☁️

Erwan ROUSSEL on November 04, 2018

⚠️ This post promotes one of my open source project. It is not objective. ⚠️ One day I heard a talk about a google technologie called Firestore... [Read Full]
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This looks more like a Mongoose than like a Firebase/Firestore clone :/ You need a MongoDB instance somewhere, so this is not really a database library, it's more like query (ORM?) thing. Looks interesting nevertheless.

While not free, Firebase and Firestore have a really generous free plan quota, but big downside, in my opinion, is unnecessary complexity around setting up and working with them.

Also, there is no cloud 😛 it's just a server somewhere.


And where is the cloud here? You need to setup a MongoDB isn't it?

Do I've been baited?


Well, maybe it is a nice project to try. But there are some things that came to my mind when i saw your code. HTTPS? Acreditation?
Keep working, you are doing it fine :)


If somebody wants to search for your post, they'll not find it by using the term "cloud".


Offtopic: these guys should better think about drawing different icons differently. I could not help myself to stop laughing figuring out where indeed is the database, especially taking into account all my experience working with databases.

Database in the 💩

Sorry, but I had to share this :)

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