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re: Thoughts on how open source software fits into this idea?

Good discussion point! I think Open Source Software fits into this model in some ways. They obviously share their code, and they're also open about their issues, roadmap/features, contributors etc.

I'm not sure if all OSS shares their usage stats, revenue, or visitors - they probably should to encourage people to use and contribute!


I like the idea of a holistic open project - open source code, open usage statistics, open roadmap, open financial information, etc. Moving into a purely open model has a certain aesthetic appeal - I haven't yet been able to really put my finger on why I think that though. Jacks has a good a point on the OSS part that I agree with:


Hi, and thans for sharing this.
There's Open Collective (opencollective.com/) which is a great platform for any kind of OSS collectives, sharing with transparency their funds usage and budget.

Thank you for reading! :)

Thanks for the link, I'll check it out now!

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