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Mind to share with us (in your opinion) with the one dimension how can one go back in time?


Here's a drawing of it, although it's kinda bad.
X, Y, Z, and Time-Plane axis with a 'time ball' pushing the universe.


A bit abstract, can you explain what is the yellow circle and the arrow, please?

Yea, sorry about that. The yellow circle is meant to be a sphere, it is to represent the Time-Dimensional object pushing us forward.
The arrow is just meant to show that the universe is going that way.
Does that help?

So with that drawing, what stops us from moving back and forth in time?

Because that object is pushing us. We don't have a say, since the X-Dimensional object is pushing our 3 Dimensional universe, like us 3D humans pushing 2D paper.

If time is uncontrollable, do you think it still has single dimension property? Since you cannot move back and forth already.

Yes, and no. It's hard to explain, in terms of dimensions, I guess it's >3D, but in terms of how we move, we move in a two dimensional plane.
Imagine you're playing a 2d game, you can move your character left and right, they only see going back and forth, unless you call some function to make you jump.
The difference here is that an object is pushing us, instead of a person moving us forward/back.

My best guess, and theory to this, is that the 4D object is pushing us down a slope. But I can't entirely determine the shape, as you know, we can't fully comprehend 4D shapes, and we would only see them as 3D shapes if we saw them in person.


What I tried to say is by your explanation time is only a constant, unchangeable. If that is the case time has no dimension at all and the higher dimensional space-time is obscure and unobservable.


One can go back in time if the universe dictates that, since we, as people, have no say in it. Theoretically, if we were in the same dimensional plane as the universe itself, we could move backwards, representing backwards in time, until (eventually) we reach the beginning of time, when 0 changes, or events occurred.

Did this explain it well enough?


That's an interesting opinion. Do you mean that (theoretically) humans are not going to be in the same dimensional plane as the universe itself? Then the interesting question is, where are we (in the universe dimension plane) now?

We would be on, and for placeholder, plane-0, a plane that morphs, it would change the area around it, in simpler terms:
Time is an X-Dimensional plane, there is a Time-Dimensional object pushing our 3D (as we understand it) world. In the process, our universe distorts. Not "spacetime", but something similar.

Does this help?
I'm sorry if I don't answer all questions you may have, or if I don't explain something well enough, I need better En.
Anyways, cheers.

Relax man, we are just discussing a topic casually, no need to be too serious about the words (as long as I get your meaning).

One of the things we have to be clear is, is the dimensional plane you mentioned a graph visualization of space-time or the actual space-time. Graph visualization only gives you an idea of how the universe evolves, not to do time travel with it.

Anyway, don't be discouraged by not able to answer something, I try to do the opposite that lets you find the answer later.

Ok, well, the dimensional plane I mentioned was referring to spacetime itself.
Hence "Time-Dimensional".

Mind to upload a drawing of it?

No, I do not mind, though it might be a while since I don't have access to a camera, or readily available (or good) paint software, so sorry if the final thing is low-resolution and bad quality.

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