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Discussion on: Suggest me the right Linux distro

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Someone else had it right in the comments, go with what you are comfortable with, however I will add that also depends if you want to experiment with other distros.

For me it depends on what I plan on using the distro for, if I am running without a desktop GUI, it’s an easier choice either Ubuntu Server or CentOs. I learned on CentOs and Fedora, and at work we use RedHat, but Ubuntu has typically been my other go to. If I am using a desktop than I typically go with one of the above distros and use XFCE and customize it how I want it.

Alternatively run a desktop and Docker containers for development and getting a feel for the other distros while learning Docker if you don’t already know it. Or run WSL on Windows. And you can run Docker on Windows. I know that defeats some of what you are trying to accomplish with the sluggishness of Windows, but it’s a thought

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Abhijit Hota Author

go with what you are comfortable with

The OS I'm most "experienced" in is Windows 😅. I've only tried a bit of Mint and Ubuntu 18.04. The purpose of shifting is sluggishness and heavy disk usage. Probably, my HDD is to blame.