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How to Avoid Traffic Loss during Migration from Magento 1 to Gatsby/Reactjs?

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A few years ago we switched from Commerce V3 to Magento 1. During this process our website lost 50% of the organic traffic. We believe this happened because of Google’s Reindexing of the full website. Our new website performed better on Desktop and Mobile, responsive layout and URL redirections from old URLs to the new ones. It was supposed to INCREASE traffic and instead we lost 50% of it. It has taken us 3+ years to bring the traffic back to where it was before. We are now ready to move to the next platform. Our current website does not meet the current Google Web Vitals metrics (Lighthouse V6) after the recent update.

We are looking to switch from Magento 1 to Gatsby/React JS and Azure Cloud Functions. We believe this could potentially bring us to the next level especially with Google organic search. However we do not want to go through the same painful loss of traffic.

Our current traffic averages at about 150,000 unique visitors per month. We want to move up to 200,000 per month. We want to DRAMATICALLY improve our system for improvement but most importantly we do not want to go through the same headache of losing half of our traffic as we did before.

  1. Is there anyone who has gone through this or a similar situation?

  2. What should we be looking at in order to avoid the loss of any traffic during this migration?

  3. What kind of possible problems should we expect to run into?

  4. Should we consider other platforms for a large e-commerce website?

We are open to working on a partnership for someone with experience to supervise the migration.

Please send a private message for details or provide your contact information for future communications.

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