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Yes! Best gamble I ever took. I was in job that I absolutely hated where management was unaware of how to handle client issues and only put blame on the employee working on said client at the time. I did this for almost 2 years. I joined a 6-month part-time coding bootcamp that I would attend after work because the plan had been to quit and pursue software dev. In the beginning I always thought I would go out an do interviews first and get a job before leaving, but eventually work got so mentally taxing for me I just decided I was done and I quit. Gave my boss 2 weeks notice and they tried and tried to get me to stay. I gave myself 6 months to find work before I was out of money and needed to pursue other job types. I quit my old job in Sep 2017 and I landed my first Software Development Job in Oct 2017 and it's been infinitely more fulfilling ever since.

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