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I need help with Docker

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hey guys, so actually today I'm having some troubles, I'm trying to install docker and have a go at it with a full stack app, but installing its not the problem.

me problem is when I try to do anything with it... if I try to login to dockerhub I get this issue

Error response from daemon: Get net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

No matter what I do, if I try to pull other image, or even just hello world...

my problem is that... I hope someone could help me ❀️

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I had a somewhat similar issue at my work place, where our internal network blocks access to certain external resources (in particular, attempting to download an image from Oracle). Can you try to perform the command on a different network?


I actually tried with my mobile hotspot, but its the same carrier... so I'm not sure if thats it...
but I couldn't login or pull anyway


That's odd. Shouldn't be an issue with carriers, but rather some sort of firewall configuration.

I saw in a previous comment that you attempted to change the DNS for your Docker service, but weren't sure if you did it right. Well, here's how to do it, if you want to try it:
Edit the file "/etc/resolv.conf" and change the value of "nameserver" to Save the file and restart the docker service with "sudo systemctl restart docker".

ok so here is my etc/resolv.conf

and it came back...

other image

Can you curl the URL, then? If not, I'm having a hard time believing it's not related to some network setting. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

Yes I can it just say I'm unauthorized in a JSOn response


According to this article, there is no official package supporting Ubuntu 19.10. You can check out the workaround at


This looks promising I hope you find something that helps. If not, it might be wise to downgrade back to 18.04 since it will take some time for Docker to support the new version of Ubuntu

Yes! it may be the case, I am using a non LTS version of ubuntu due to some newer hardware compatibility issues and I have no other option until 20.04 LTS release. Here is my OS and docker details, in case if it helps you....

Ubuntu 19.10
Docker version 19.03.6, build 369ce74a3c
docker-compose version 1.21.0, build unknown

As far as I remember I think I have installed the version instead of docker-ce

ok so I changed my docker-ce to but sadly I still get the same issue... I'm starting to believe its something with my slow internet, because I did a fresh install of ubuntu 19.10 (I had the iso) but still have the error

Mhhhh :( or maybe some type of an ISP or a firewall issue...

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install traceroute


I can't think of any other reasons.... SORRY I wish I could be of more help!!!


I am also running docker on Ubuntu 19.10 and I never experienced this issue. It might be something else going on, did you check this discussion ?


Yes I did, I changed the DNS and nothing after that I still had the error


Any luck with the issue? Have you tried by adding the hostname and IP address to /etc/hosts? You can try few different IP addresses
traceroute the domain

I haven't had any luck, I'm actually not really sure how to change what you just asked

  1. Traceroute the domain to find out the ip address of ( )

  2. Open a terminal and try this

sudo nano /etc/hosts

scroll down to the end of the file and add a new entry details

Ctrl + X and save the changes and try the docker commands

Note: If it's not working remove the newly added entry from /etc/hosts before you try anything else.


Change your docker DNS server to β€œ8.8.8.8”, that should fix it.


I tried that, but maybe I did it wrong...
can you tell how to change it? btw I'm in ubuntu 19.10


Looks like your docker client can't connect to the daemon, sudo docker run hello-world works? maybe you need to add your user to the docker group


yes, it runs but it doesn't download the items look


Have you tried disabling your experimental flag or restarting your Docker?

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