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Say you are writing a short story and you want to do a really good job. You might write the story on one sheet of paper, and then get another sheet of paper and write another version, and then keep writing more versions on more sheets of paper. After a while, you'd end up with lots of sheets of paper that weren't the version you were currently writing. You might put those sheets in a folder so that you can go back and see old drafts of your story.

You give that folder to your mom to keep track of, because you know that you can always ask mom for one of the versions of your story if you need it. Plus, mom keeps photocopies so she can give versions of your story to your siblings. Mom also keeps similar folders for the stories that your siblings write.

Git is the folder, and your pieces of paper are code. Your mom is GitHub.


My mom keeps my "code" on the refridgerator so everyone can see :0. love this analogy


I ended up writing an article about writing responses to #explainlikeimfive, inspired by this discussion!

Here's the link:


My favorite explanation so far! Thanks so much!!

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