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Thanks for sharing this, Ben. I'm with you! I just love that is a Rails app (or to paraphrase you, an app that contains a lot of Rails). It's important to set an example and I'm glad to see you doing that.

I also sometimes share your reticence to admit the Rails affiliation - although I'll stand on the hill + defend Ruby as a beautiful language to anybody who would say otherwise.

I recently had to make a stack decision between Rails + Phoenix for a big project, one that I'll be spending the next year or so building. I've already got production apps written in both frameworks and find them both really beautiful in their own ways, but the decision came down to my team being faster with Rails. We can do more in the same time. But I'm still using Elixir to write various helper apps + 'bots ;) And for the gnarly front-end stuff, I'm staying functional with Elm all the way.


We can do more in the same time.

This is arguable. I would say, in the first month after the first commit—definitely yes.

But the thing is the technical debt in Rails (in my experience) grows exponentially, while Elixir literally encourages producing a good code, making the tech debt growth logarithmic if not constant.

I have an experience with both and Elixir is the language of choice for everything save for prototypes that would be thrown away in any case.

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