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re: That would be duck typing, which describes Go's type system but not Java's. This is why I should read more about language fundamentals. : ) And ...

Strictly speaking, you're "supposed" to buckle down and stub out miles of interface method implementations that throw NotImplementedExceptions and this is absolutely a kludge. It's also a little more involved than I'd thought at first (I've been writing primarily Node for years and my Java is rusty):

  • You need a wrapper (formally an "adapter") class which essentially forwards the AmazonDynamoDB methods you care about. Your Database class may be this wrapper already, in which case, great.
  • The wrapper class has two constructors: one accepts a DynamoImpl, the other an AmazonDynamoDB.
  • The wrapper class also has matching DynamoImpl and an AmazonDynamoDB fields. The "forwarding" methods choose whether to invoke dynamoImpl.putItem or amazonDynamoDB.putItem based on which one has been instantiated.

Overall I can't recommend actually doing this purely for the sake of having something easily testable. If you're using an IDE (which is not a bad idea with Java), it can stub out an interface implementation for you. Java is verbose; you kind of just have to live with it.

Very helpful; it's definitely a lot of work but it seems like that may be the one plausible solution.

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