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It's kind of a million-dollar question, or would be if we weren't doing all this for free in the first place! There are things you can do that give you a better picture of where and how your project is being used, such as:

  • checking referrers to your project page, documentation, etc (GitHub repositories have a "Traffic" item under "Insights", for example)
  • for library code, searching for projects that depend on yours
  • seeing who participates in the community, where issues and contributions are coming from (many people use employee email addresses or talk about where they work)
  • offering consulting services and seeing who takes you up on them

but they are of varying utility depending on the size of the project, the environment, and other factors. For example, some languages lack package managers, and some projects are end-user focused; dependency graphs are unavailable in the former case and useless in the latter.


I like the idea of trying to stitch those sources together somehow because they all definitely provide some sort of insight into project activity/usage.

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