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This is an introductory article.
It's about me, my experience, the stack and plans for this blog.
I don't think you will learn anything useful from this article, but I will try to get you interested and tell you about the upcoming content.
The story will be divided into chapters, where each chapter is a brick that was used to build my personality.

Who am I?

Dmitry Shatokhin.
The main stack is C, C ++, Python and JavaScript.
Actively study and use - Go, Rust.
Development experience of over 6 years

Chapter I. I will save the world from disease.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved to watch movies about animals and nature. About our planet.
At the time, the best gift for me was an interesting encyclopedia or the new BBC movie. And my best friends were animals.
At the time, I was sure I'd become a doctor or a veterinarian.

Chapter II. I will give machines to the world.

In elementary school, I still thought I was going to be a doctor. I read more serious literature than before. I was interested in chemistry, but since chemistry is taught in middle school and the Internet wasn't there yet, I read my aunt's textbooks. I can't say I understood everything, but it was very interesting.
At that time, the "Terminator" and "RoboCop" were shown on TV. And the animated series "Transformers" went every morning.
I got a new interest - robots.
I was trying to create something mechanical. Dismantled old VCRs, pulled out drives from there and used them as engines.
My dad taught me how to solder, and my grandfather taught me how to work with tools for creating various forms of wood.
Looks like production! 🧑‍🔧 👨‍🔧 🧑‍🏭
But the machines could do nothing but move forward. It doesn't look like a terminator, and it's no use at all.

Chapter III. I will give the world useful machines.

I was waiting for computer science to start at school, and to pass the time, I read books about how computers work, what the OS is and how the computer understands commands.
I loved mathematics and tried to complete all tasks with an asterisk (optional tasks of high complexity, which were evaluated separately).
And then computer science appeared.
I can’t say that my expectations were met. Computer science was not enough and we were doing it routinely. Gradually we were introduced to programming languages and were taught algorithmic thinking. These tasks were often duplicated from the tasks with an asterisk in mathematics. And soon I liked computer science less and less.
Almost all the time I spent at home, so my dad signed me up for a judo section and my mom for music lessons. In the morning I went to school, in the afternoon I was in sections, and in the evening I read books and trained in creating programs.
Now my creations coped with different tasks and they can even be called useful. But that's not exactly what I wanted.

Chapter IV. I will give the world smart machines.

I got the Internet. There was so much information that I couldn't decide where to start. I started learning C, C++, Perl and Python. I was implementing basic algorithms, solving various tasks. And this continued until I entered university.
I graduated from school with honors, but my ambition and impatience never allowed me to finish university. I went to different universities several times and still dropped out. The last time I entered and flew to the U.S., I went on a work and travel program.
Homeland of high technology and home to corporations. After a few weeks as a valet, I was recommended in one startup. That's where we did the lidar building. An eye for cars.
My job was to get the lidar to shoot as fast as possible while processing the information and returning it to another process.
There it is, a smart machine!
After several months of work we released the MVP and the startup was bought.

Chapter V. We + machines.

It's been a few years since then. During that time, I've worked for many companies. I lived in Europe for a while and wanted to found my own startup, but the covid-19 intervened. Now I understand that I was not ready for it, but in the future I will certainly do.
I want to improve people's lives with "smart machines" through their implementation. To prevent the development of diseases. Report bodily disturbances and much more.


Despite my goal, I also like web development. Sometimes even more, because of the variety of projects.

What kind of blog?

Here I will write various articles, both review and training. I will write mainly on web development.
Later I want to release a full course on Python and C++.
For convenience, the headings will specify the type of article and break it down into parts, with a large amount of text.
Sometimes I will conduct polls about what to write next time.
Articles will be published here and, perhaps, on a medium.
If the project is large or there is some important concept, there will be videos on YouTube. For small tips&tricks there will be a carousel in Instagram.


Thank you very much for your attention.
I hope🤞 it didn't get too boring.
C u!😉

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