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I paid for it, and already regret it.

At first I thought I enjoyed the somewhat automated sorting, but as time goes one, I constantly worry that important emails are getting screened out more often than I worried about email going into my junk folder.

I also don't always know where to put things based on their categories. In Gmail, I have tons of automated sorting set up, and again, I never really worry about it, because most of it is highly contextual. If I see a pattern that bothers me, I can create a filter to handle it. With hey, I end up putting some addresses in my "paper trail" that occasionally send things I might want in my Inbox (also, I'm not calling it Imbox).

Overall, yeah - if clout's your thing and you believe a hey.com email address brings you that - go for it, but as for me, I'm content to keep my Gmail and custom domain email addresses.

Great poll though!


This! I find myself checking hey all the time because no notifications by default, for everything! If it’s important, I won’t get notified until I’ve asked hey to notify me, so I’m stuck wondering if I should check my email constantly.

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