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I think the main idea you're trying to convey has been discussed extensively by this post — I tell you this just for reference, if you hadn't seen the post.

Back to your slides and post, I think that the main ideas you're expressing apply to all sorts of programming languages, not just PHP. Anyway, I don't think that PHP frameworks sucks: it's their job to provide magic to programmers — and in order to do so — they need to break some principles. They're called opinionated for a reason.


Hi, there :) thank you for your opinion. I read this article some time ago, and I believe it shares some points with this post, but however, I do not try to imply that the framework should not be used. Quite opposite, I believe frameworks have such a positive impact on the PHP community. I will only be pointing to the bad practices programmers applying while hiding behind the fact that "framework tutorial" say so.
I will publish soon next part of this series, I'm curious to see your opinion on next one (practical example).


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