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There is always a desire for information, especially information that can be used as a weapon.

Well, for sure. But I think you are forced to make some trade-offs here. That's the doom of free (sometimes fake) information.

Facebook is a potential treasure-trove of information in any country where the internet exists, and is far more likely to be abused in underdeveloped and non-democratic countries.

Yeah, and now it is pretty clear that this situation needs to be fixed.

PS: I feel like the Facebook example has been an unlucky one


Except Facebook is just one example. Depending on their security, data policies, and the laws of the country in question, many social media and communication platforms are vulnerable to this same sort of weaponization. Social media in China is an excellent example.

Also, when you don't have any other means of gaining some information, a mixed bag of true and false that you have to sort through is just a minor wrinkle. Besides that, the most dangerous information is that which isn't as easily falsified. For example, "The person at this GPS location posted this thing about human rights; they usually post from this GPS location, so we can surmise they're often there. Let's go arrest them."

We forget, it isn't just the data we volunteer that is at stake here.

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