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I’ve been both an Android and iOS user. I’m currently using a refurbished iPhone 7 as my daily driver.

It really depends on what you want to do with your smartphone and if you consider yourself a “power user”:

  • Android is especially good if you want to customise your smartphone and you want to tinker with it (via root)

  • iOS is more focused on ensuring that your smartphone works properly throughout the day. And obviously you get updates for at least 4/5 years instead of 1/2 years

The real problem here is Apple: by choosing iOS you need to make some compromises.

  • you will get the hottest features (5G, beazeless displays, etc...) 1/2 years later than the Android smartphones

  • you will pay more for lowest specs than Android smartphones with the same price

  • you will hit a wall everytime you want to do something that Apple didn’t consider or don’t want to allow you to do

On the other hand:

  • you get at least 4/5 years of updates

  • iOS is optimised so that you don’t need Android flagships specs

  • iOS is more focused on privacy than Android (being owned by Google)

  • given that you use other Apple gadgets, everything is connected flawlessly

  • iPhones tend to maintain their value (so do OnePlus smartphones though)

I’d say try out the iPhone XS (or the iPhone XI (?) which is going to be announced soon) and then maybe try out something like the OnePlus 7 Pro (which offers updates for at least 2/3 years and tend to build smartphones that last).

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