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#AWSoutage were you prepared?

Today, Amazon Web Services outage took a portion of the internet down with it, were you prepared? how did if affect you and what did you learn?

In my case, it took 4 hours to our dev team to backup everything from one instance to another but we were able to mitigate today's risk thanks to our multiple instances.

Obviously we weren't prepared, we didn't have any panic manual or any clue of what was happening, but we were able to save the day.

Thanks to our agile framework, we proceed fast not only with the development team, but also with the C-level and the Marketing team, we were all connected following on the root-cause analysis and solving the problems one by one. What we learn was that we need to apply more chaos engineering to our systems so next time we need to think on a big catastrophe so we can mitigate better the next critical situation.

What about you? how did today's #awsoutage affected you and what did you do to save the day?

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Médéric Burlet

On our end we had no issues as we use multi-region infrastructure for clients. There was a little downtime before the system switched to other regions.