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As someone who had transitioned into tech from sales, I found myself wanting to learn the lay of the land as far as tech in my city was concerned. I did my best to network as much as I could into the scenes I found interested for my career and the overall state of tech in Philadelphia.

I went to meetups, joined the different slack groups, and did what I could to remain active in different communities. Along the way my understanding of how important the vocabulary of the trade was. If you are able to speak to different technologies and such with confidence while being honest about what you don't, you'll find yourself in the right conversations.

Push comes to shove, a slack posting goes up. It was for a Senior React Dev (which I DEFINITELY was not lol). I shot him a personal message, letting him know my situation and that I'd love to contribute to the company in some way. A few days later a meeting was set and I was given my first dev job with a gaming-focused startup (a big goal of mine from the start)

It was a LONG road to now, but I wouldn't trade a single thing about my experience up to now. (Almost) Every single opportunity, especially ones you create, can be useful in the long run.

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