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I'd recommend getting started with a bootcamp since the learning curve offered by such institutions are generally quite shallow and it can help cultivate your interest in programming. But once you get your certificate (or whatever it is), don't forget to constantly self-learn by Googling, Stack Overflow-ing and/or searching for other online resources. The coding concepts typically covered in a bootcamp are very basic and definitely far from adequate for finding a reasonable job in the area even if your bootcamp persuades you otherwise.

As for a proper degree in Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Electronic Engineering or related fields (IT?), I personally don't think it is mandatory since a lot of theoretical stuff perhaps not directly related to the workplace are often taught. But I chose this path in the end anyway* due to sheer interest and do not regret it in any way (:

* Just to clarify, I haven't finished my studies yet - I'm still in my second year (out of 4) of pursuing my BEng in Computer Science and Engineering.


Wonderful, Donald! I wish you the best in your track to IT. I studied Media Informatics which I always says is Computer Science meets Digital Art. Well, sort of. I've heard great things about bootcamps so I'm not worried much in a sense of accreditation but more so in the quality and skills. I also struggle with knowing almost all of this stuff can be found online so why pay $10000+ for it. It clearly has it's pros and it's cons and it sounds like even in the end you'll still go the self-taught route too.

Thank you!

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