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re: If those are a little too hard, I suggest Edabit! The easiest problems are easier than the 8kyu on Codewars imo, and become comparable as you level...

I haven't tried Edabit before but I've heard that they have been allegedly involved in some shady practices. For example, their testimonials(?) do not contain any links to their original sources (unlike, say, Codewars which provides links back to the original tweets) and if you do a reverse image search on the portraits used in the testimonials, you'll notice that they appear in dozens of other websites, many of which are completely unrelated (to programming, programmers and such). They explain in this "Hacker News" post on Y-Combinator that the testimonials are real but with the names changed but one has to wonder why someone writing a testimonial would deliberately want to use a fake name ... 🤔

Also, the general difficulty has definitely shifted upwards in Codewars over the past few years but if you look hard enough, there should still be plenty of exercises for true beginners.

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