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Discussion on: 85: Generative Art coding

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Donna Chin

That sounds amazing! And totally go for it, let your creativity thrive. I am currently in a similar situation but kind of bumped into creative coding by accident. I don't regret the decision and it actually helped me enjoy and love programming even more now.

If you are still looking for examples or how to develop further in this area, here are some places that might help. You don't need ay experience since they walk you through pretty well:

Vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS3 manipulates the

JS Framework Zim.js, a very cool and creative library

Blender tutorial with David Mignot

Time Rodenbröker

Paid courses

Bruno Simon's Three.js Journey

Blender lessons in Generative Art with Midge Sinnaeve

I hope this is helpful and very excited for you!

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