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This post is very good in many ways. The possibilities on how to build a web presence are all valid. There is one thing that I cannot agree with and that is the premise. There are reports and posts about developers in their early twentys with burn out syndrome.
In my opinion it is absolutely not a must to have some form of online presence. It is much more important to have a live and relax every now and then. If your future employer thinks otherwise, screw him and get a job where recreational time is appreciated.
If this is your thing and you like writing stuff down, then by all means take some hints from this article. If not, go out and ride your bike or do whatever makes you happy 😊


Hey Christian, thanks for your comment! I absolutely agree having a work/life balance is important...and yes, this post (like all my writing) should be taken with a grain of salt, or just as a thing to do to improve your career when you've got time.

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