Just discovered Interactive Sandboxes in O'Reilly Learning!

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I've renewed my subscription with O'Reilly Online Learning. A subscription would set you back at US$399 per year. I got their Cyber Monday promo so I got it for $200 off. Before they only have online access to technical books but now they are now offering video courses and sandboxes!

I was looking for something to read and I just discovered these new features. I think they call them Interactive Sandboxes.

Alt Text

They have now have sandboxes for Ubuntu, Kubernetes, Python and TensorFlow. Below are some screenshots I took.

Ubuntu Sandbox

Alt Text

I installed Go. :)
Alt Text

VSCode is even available in the sandbox.
Alt Text

Editing Go code in the IDE
Alt Text

Weave Scope - I guess this can be used to visualise docker containers.
Alt Text

Kubernetes Sandbox

Alt Text

Python Sandbox

Alt Text

Disclaimer: I am not paid by O'Reilly for this post. Just wanted to share since these new features can be useful for learning while reading a technical book without having to bring up an environment to code in.

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Is the sandbox Ephemeral? By that I mean whether the sandbox defaults to plain VM after you logout or close the current session?


I think it’s ephemeral, it would be expensive to save the VM’s state. Maybe you can just have a script to re-create your environment every time.