Working long hours for companies

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Saw a couple of tweets from Jason Fried, I agree with this. What's sad about this is that some workers just accept this as reality as long as they are paid high. At some point, I thought this was reality until my mind can't take it anymore - got burned out - so I had to quit my job. I always thought it was my problem that I am not resilient enough.


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Having been in situations where companies would only ever reward and praise employees for working midnights and weekends, and even threaten job security for those who say no, I've seen some disturbing patterns coincide with that behavior. People who push against objectively positive change, suppress talent, remove team members from collaboration.

Learn from my mistakes and snuff this out before accepting the offer. Ask tons of questions, gauge what they value.

Ultimately, good companies maintain good talent, and bad companies cycle all levels of talent until their competition buys them out.


and bad companies cycle all levels of talent until their competition buys them out.

I like your comment here. I think that this is the startup effect. Where there is no money or time to hire the right people and they work with what they have at the moment and squeeze them as much as possible.


Some also do it if salary is low in countries like Pakistan.


I think that's sad but the problem is on employee's side. They should learn to say NO and challenge the authoritarian rule of Bosses. The more we say YES to them, the more they will gain courage.

I think this is Jason’s point, we cannot blame the employees but management has to change.

Yeah Management is wrong but employees should raise their voice.

I agree but perhaps they are afraid to lose their jobs which is huge for them...

At this point I have to agree. You are correct.