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Discussion on: What made you switch your main programming language?

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Dorian Amouroux

How I started

I started coding in High-School. Back-then, LAMP stack was the easiest to get started, and also really famous. I ran PHP with no framework, then I discovered the micro-framework atomik then Code-Igniter.


In my first couple of years of university, we learnt C and C++ to work on low-level programming, I did few internships in PHP afterwards. In 2014 I heard about Node.JS and got really excited about it, back then it was hard to find good resources to get started with. It got easier and I was really comfortable with it, as I already knew Javascript fairly well.

Python time
At the end of my bachelor (2016), I had the chance to do an internship in a Dutch start-up (which I'm still working as employee now). I worked on a project built with Django framework, which was somewhat challenging to learn because the existing codebase was kind of messy. I really love Python and Django and wish I discovered earlier. It's has a perfect readability, a great community, and it's a very mature language/framework. I realized that working on a project in Node.Js was really hard to maintain and scale, and it always seems hacky.