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I decided I wanted to spend more time on projects and less time on putting out fires. I was comfortable, but I wasn't moving anywhere, just taking care of trouble tickets and setting up iPhone email accounts.

So I took a pay cut to transfer to a department away from Central IT. My clients had little to no idea what my scope was vs. what Central IT provided. I ended up doing more of the same work, with less choice on how I did it, and without the protection of my former manager who was willing to tell a client "No" when it was a poor request or just generally against company policy. On top of that, I never shipped a project larger than surplussing ancient hardware being stockpiled in a few basement closet or rebuilding a student computer lab.

Granted, this lit a fire under me to get moving to where I am today, which I feel more appreciated and understood, and totally protected by a manager who knows what's good for the organization.

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