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Discussion on: Should I Jump Ship to iOS?

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Jamie Author

Atleast iphone supports multiple generations of iOS updates

This is one of the biggest turn offs for me, when it comes to Android. The fact that the hardware vendors don't seem to be interested in releasing OS updates for longer than 6 months is terrible, in my opinion.

In android to achieve privacy you need to change things a lot - custom rom, and other stuff While iphone by default is privacy enabled which is a big deal.

This is one of my main reasons for wanting to investigate the iOS ecosystem. Were I using an Android device which could be rooted and had custom ROMs available, I would go down that root (pun intended) and stick with F-Droid and Magisk - just so that I could maintain my data privacy. Plus, vendor versions of Android (including the version that Google release) tend to wipe out batteries faster - in my experience - than the AOSP version.