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I think time is the most precious resource we have and being able to work from home greatly improves people's quality of life. Being able to work from home cuts out the daily commute and gives employees flexibility to work around their lives, rather than live around their work.

Great post. What tools so you use to manage projects remotely and common frustration do you and your team face?


Agreed! It's a great opportunity.

Tool for managing projects:

  • Clickup, which is a project management tool. Myself and the Engineering team use this to track our priorities on user stories and technical tasks.
  • Zoom and Slack for keeping aligned on those projects.

Common frustration:

  • It's easy to get fall out of alignment when working remote. Lots of things get lost in translation and I've found that communications on Slack that require a lot of discussion sometimes don't result in any final decision. I've started to move bigger convos to a Zoom call.
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