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For sending mails you could also use smtp-mail where you just enter your mailserver.

import Network.Mail.Mime as Mime
import Network.Mail.SMTP
import qualified Data.Text.Lazy as LT
sendMail' smtpHost (fromIntegral smtpPort) (Mime.simpleMail' "user@example.com"  (fromString $ "noreply@myserver.internet") "Title" (LT.pack content))

but don't ask me how to do that in python or go ;)

and if you fear lenses: wait, until you get to know recursion-schemes & do fixpoint-parsing/traversal of HTML-DOM1 ;)
I think i have to write a post about that -.-

  1. Oh yes. There is alway another rabbit-hole to fall into after the next craziest thing you learn.. :D 

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