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Discussion on: I think I'm falling out of love with front end web dev

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It sounds like you have developed a fairly strong and specilised skillset. I think I might be able to help, but please understand I have nothing on you in terms of your experince and ability. I've got a background in the 'softer' side of business and I think it might be able to help you re-frame a few things.
Please correct me if I am wrong in any of my assumptions:
You are tired, I guess from alot of things, but JS fatigue from the constant changing landscape that is front-end web development. If you can use JQuery and SASS like you have described, I would gather that someone with your repitore would be surfing the wave like some californian beech boy. So I gather that you have became fatigued by the next in-vogue framework pilling on more demand on the developer to contantly be learning. Between learning the next new thing, like svetle or an update to the previous versions of frameworks like Vue2->3 and working on projects creates an Ouroboros situation with time where you endup eating into time for other things. the precious things that we really give a shit about.
So I think that you might be tired and exasperated, which is completely understandable.
Second, I totaly see the alure in game development, I likewise would love to build a game, which in my head Ive built and played a thousand times over. But its like you said, its about practicallity, and wisdom. Do you take the plunge and start back at square one, with little certainty about the future, which given you responsibilities would be fool-hardy and extremely risky, or do you go all-in and bet that the grass is indeed greener on the otherside.
Personally I thing the game industry has alot to answer for and even more issues to address before I would willingly work in such an industry, I like you have learnt from being exploited. Burn me once....
So with game development, I would reconsider your interest as that of an extreme hobbyist, for that would allow you the space to truly explore that avenue with the least amount of risk, to yourself and your loved ones.
Now my last point would be, I highly think you should reposition yourself as an expert in you current skill domains, the school of thought being by mechanising and specialising the talents and skills of an individual their net value increase with their expertiese in their respective fields.
I dont think you truly have fallen out of love with front-end web development. You dont go texting your ex girlfrield to tell them that you still dont love them. If you were to lets say, figure out how you can diversify your skillsets and concentrate on becoming an expert in your own right in those fields, you would be able to influence yourself and those around you with your expertiese and skills to take the projects you work on in the direction you best see fit. not only that you might find your pay packet going up somewhat, and shit becoming interesting again.

In gaming terms, you propose a zero-sum game with little incentive. I propose a net-sum game where it could be a better tomorrow for you to wake up into.

LL&P my friend, If I am wrong and caused offence, mia culpa