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Discussion on: How and Why I switch the Windows 10 to Linux (Ubuntu 18.0 LTS)

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Drishtant Rai

Who the hell in tech world uses windows...
I am a big linux fan and I use Manjaro which is a rolling release and 2 gigs of updates are normal in a month but i am not bound to update that. I update Only when there is a gnome shell major release other wise i keep my chrome up to date and thats it... Your are not forced to update here...
Also power of linux terminal is just infinite...

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Himanshu Pant

Not to put any hate but approximately 48% of developers do according to the stack overflow survey and I'm very sure that the OG visual basic developers didn't even participate. I have nothing against linux, it runs great but windows is just easy, it works for people and they like it, no need to hate them for it.

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Who uses Windows? If we're taking desktops, most companies and therefore a whole lot more than those who uses Linux. Matter of fact people use Mac OS more than they use Linux.

Use what you like, don't bash other OSes needlessly, and perhaps you'll hold on the little credibility you have left