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Discussion on: Suggest me the right Linux distro

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Douglas Linford

As it sounds from your post, you are not a newcomer to Linux, so maybe try something more in my mind, all of the apt,(apt-get), managed distros are more for newcomers.
I have installed and configured almost every distro, but have gravitated to a more challenging package manager.
I am currently running sourced based Sabayon, but really like some of the more esoteric distros, like NixOS, GuixSD, Exherbo and Funtoo.
I am not a fan of Gnome, so prefer KDE, Mate or Cinnamon.
The best KDE distros in my mind are; Garuda, Feren OS, (boo...apt based), and KaOS.
Arch based distro's using the pacman manager are very good too.
Anarchy, (arch based), has a great terminal based installer where you can choose multiple DE's and customize the software that you want.
The Garuda installer is very good and gives you the option to install whichever DE you prefer. Very well designed distro, with many tools to configure all options from the desktop. Graphically, very beautiful.