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Discussion on: Getting started with Svelte, Tailwind, and Nrwl NX

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Sébastien D. Author

Hello Denis,

I didn't cover the "why" in the article, but I'm a big fan of Nrwl NX. In a few words, to me NX brings the following key benefits:

  • Mostly removes the need to worry about build tooling integration: It includes support for Jest, Prettier, ESLint, incremental builds, and much more out of the box
  • Makes it possible to split up applications in smaller libraries, as you could do with separate npm packages, but without the hassle
  • NX also supports incremental compilation based on the dependency graph it knows (e.g., app A depends on lib X, which depends on lib Y, thus if a file changed in lib Y, then Y, X and A needs to be rebuilt)
  • Makes it a breeze to create a monorepo containing multiple applications and libraries, each possibly using different technical stacks (e.g., React, Angular, Svelte, Next.js, Gatsby, etc)

And there's a ton more that I'm forgeting about.

Hope this helps!