Evolution of My Personal Site

Daniel Starner on October 22, 2018

I just redesigned my personal website for what seems like the 500th time. To be honest, I did this because I was too lazy to re-gain access to th... [Read Full]
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Love the new site! And I can totally relate to the personal website evolution. It's one of the few things I work on with tech debt. I personally use gulp and gulp-include-html to build my pages, but it definitely needs some love and a redesign. It's missing a lot of projects and doesn't even have my new profile picture. (me.nektro.net/ and github.com/nektro/me.nektro.net for the curious)


This is a pretty awesome site though! I love the portal picture lol 👍


Hah I can relate to the development of personal homepages. I also started mine when I learned about web development, tried to create a custom CMS, switched between different others and ended with some static html. I like the design of your current version, only remark is that it requires javascript (and even the react) to just show some text and links.


Yea, I made it rather quickly with create react app, and there's no dynamic data in it, so I am probably going to remove the javascript all together (when I can find the time)...thanks for the feedback! 👍


I kinda did similar things for my personal project. Mine is also a create-react-app hosted on github page and the dynamic data are also at github repo, so whenever I want to update anything like a new addition to book list I read, I just update the data file directly on the repo, no build or deploy anything. such a piece of mind.


Oh, that's a really good idea! Then that's less stuff to update in the future...I might use this idea when I inevitable re-design my website for a 501st time


Mine has never gotten off the ground. I have the hosting (free thanks to some development awards I gained a couple of years ago) but I never know what I actually want my site to be. As a full-stack developer I absolutely suck at design and cannot dream up the perfect template. I also don't want to go to some random template site and use that as I have no confidence in someone else's code being of good quality so I would rather just have a design and implement it myself. The main bugbear though is time. I'm so busy coding day in day out and earning a living that in my spare time I don't want to code. I want to sit down and watch some TV or play some games or follow one of my other interests. I guess as someone who only takes permanent roles it's not that much of an issue but I can understand why those who work as contractors may want / need a personal site but if i'm honest, when I am looking to hire people if they have a personal site and have been working full-time it suggests to me they either haven't been all that busy or they code too much. Just my 2 cents.


I used to have a wordpress blog on WPEngine that I was constantly begging my friends to "guest contribute" to, but that was way too much work and not very rewarding, in retrospect. I've also tried various versions of creating my own minimal Flask app, or using Jekyll for putting out content. At this point my personal site is just a link dump of content elsewhere on the internet (like dev.to :) ), and I'm pretty happy with that being the case. I hate the design of my site, but I'm no designer. I think I'm going to hire one of my talented designer friends to help me spruce the place up. But in terms of content, I think I'm probably good.

Oh! One thing I actually really do like in terms of personal site content is having a /now page. It's a cute way to inject some personality into my site. It's also a landing page that I can send to my relatives to let them know what's going on with me. I highly recommend it.


Mine started out as static HTML, before spending several years as a WordPress site. After a while I wanted to write more tutorials and wasn't happy with how WordPress handled syntax highlighting, so I migrated it to Octopress. A few years later I grew to dislike having to use the Ruby ecosystem for my site, so I created a Grunt static site generator plugin, and that is what I still use.


I agree that personal sites shouldn't be overly complicated. These days static site generators make it extremely easy to make a simple summary of your career with some contact info in almost no time at all. Simple yet powerful.


Really fun! Definitely shows off some personality without being too chaotic. Well-done.


I have the same need to constantly change my personal website. I'm actually trying to plan another complete revamp of my website which will include a blog this time around.

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