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Why I Trust Slackware as My Linux Distro

Daniel Starner on October 27, 2017

When people have asked me for my preferences on Linux operating systems in the past, I jumped before the question was finished and screamed UBUNTU!... [Read Full]
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I agree with you but sometimes you don't want to get your hand dirty. You want your project environment to work properly so you can focus your project.


I run my Arch for more than 6 years, without any problems at all. With one week of work, you have everything automated and configuration are in git repos. Let the machine do the dirty work for you ;)


Arch is wonderful, once I've recently switched over to as well.

Yep, simple, clean and fast (and no wasting time compiling packages, I need my machine to work...). I have a quite custom setup and the arch installer handle it nicely.


Slackware was my first entry into the world of Linux back in 1999. Good times to be learning, as back then, you were lucky to even find compatibility with your monitor to get X windows working. So a lot of people worked strictly in the terminal even then. Still an amazing distro imo.


I also have used many linux distributions. When I first tried slackware in 1999 I stuck with it. If you want Slackware with gui tools to maintaine your system, gui installer to hard disk or USB stick and package manager with package dependency support then try Slackel (slackware current) or Salix (slackware stable). No need to install to test it. There are live iso images.


Yes, I too love Slackware. It's my first successfully installed Linux distro on my laptop 7 years ago (with accidentally formatting all the data in the hard disk). It helped me learning Linux in my early years in computing.


It's been ages since I looked at Slackware. At that point, I was still collecting hardware just to see what I could revive with Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD. I miss the days of copious free time.


I love your passion man, and envy your free time to fiddle with all the switches and knobs of a bare os. Ah the good old days before life happened lol 👍


Slackware is very active in development and security updates. Don't look at the latest release but check out -current

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